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A family business. Since 1992.


Welcome To American Sansei Enterprises!

American Sansei Enterprises, or ASE, was founded by Margret and Ed Tajiri, back in 1992. It was originally focused on traditional Japanese style Martial Arts, before expanding to serve various other styles as well!

It is no secret that, in order to excel at any kind of martial art training, you need to have the right equipment, that will not only boost your performance and compliment your skills, but that will also prevent you from getting injured as well.

Being ourselves admirers of the elegance, class, and wisdom that martial arts training conveys, we are dedicated to offering you the best, high-end quality equipment you can find; practical, easy to use, comfortable, durable, and sturdy.

Why Choose ASE?

Because we are not simply businessmen that only care about numbers on a spreadsheet. Martial Arts are integrated into our life philosophy, and we treat each and every practitioner with the respect that originates from sharing a common passion.

Our goal is not to simply sell a product and get on with our lives – because we do not aim at providing our clients simply what they want; we aim at providing them with what they truly need in order to achieve their own goals and dreams concerning their training.

In such a wide and dark jungle that is today’s market, we strive to stand out from the crowd by offering the best customer service, and by going above and beyond for every client. That way, we can make sure that each and every one of our clients will leave our store with a wide grin on their face – and with the intention of coming back as well!

4 + 1 Reasons Why ASE Is A Leader In The Martial Arts Supplies Field!

  1. We work with the best suppliers around the world, in order to offer you products of superior quality that you can rely on during your training.
  2. We do not rest and are always on the lookout for new items, order to constantly update our catalog
  3. We offer wholesale discounts to Martial Arts Dojo/Studio/School owners
  4. We greatly value our customers’ feedback and work hard so that we can keep on improving
  5. We aren’t average, indifferent salesmen, but true Martial Art Lovers with expertise in several styles and more than 25 years of experience

So, why wait any longer? Go ahead and start browsing; and, don’t forget, we are here to help you in any way we can!

Welcome To American Sansei Enterprises – It Is An Honor To Have You With Us!

Our devotion lies with every true Martial Arts enthusiast, and our core values are integrity, honesty, and dedication to what we do, which is providing our clientele with superior quality gear and accessories. Whether you are a novice trainee, or an experience Dojo owner and master, in ASE you are bound to find the equipment you are looking for!


Leader in Customer Service. We're here to help you.


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